1. Razorcake Podcast #331 with Mike Faloon! (and Todd)

    Friends engage in any number of activities when they get together.  Some compare monocles.  Others debate Night Ranger vs. Styx.  We dig spinning punk rock records and talking about them.  This is what it sounded like one afternoon in August.


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    Night Birds, “Hope for the Best (Expect the Worse)” (Wallride)
    Future Virgins, “Late Republic” (Self-released)
    Underground Railroad To Candyland, “Worried” (Recess)
    Lenguas Largas, “Heavy Bubbles” (Recess)
    Treasure Fleet, “Surrender of Promises” (Recess)
    White Night, “Stuck on You” (Recess)
    Vanna Inget, “Alla Andra Dagar” (Man In Decline)
    Chantey Hook, “Underground” (ADD/Razorcake)
    Street Eaters, “Reverse” (Contraszt!/Nervous Intent)
    Worriers, “Get Bored” (Yo-Yo)
    Brain F≠, “Dry” (Grave Mistake/Sorry State)
    Gories, “View From Here” (Crypt)
    Fastbacks, “In the Summer” (Popllama)
    Bright Ideas, “Please Say Yes” (Radio On)

  2. Toys That Kill and Rivethead were touring and showed up to Omaha and the promoter said, “You guys don’t have to play. No one’s here.” So we call that getting Omaha’d.

    It’s Funny We’re Talking About This: an interview with Todd Congelliere

    by Mike Faloon

    with glorious photos by Shanty Cheryl!

  3. Candice has cooked up a pretty sweet podcast (she is also typing about herself in the third person right! now!) 

    Check it out!


    Razorcake Podcast #214  with yours truly

    I never manage to put together a podcast with much of a unifying theme, other than “I really like these songs.” But that doesn’t make the choices any less meaningful. 

    What I am here to offer you is a distilled aural representation of my listening habits the past couple months. These are songs that were stuck in my head. Songs I’ve put on repeat at work when I’m having a shitty day. Ones I turn up during traffic to give me something invigorating to yell about. 

    They are what my brain’s been surviving on lately. 

    Mr. T Experience, “With My Looks and Your Brains,” Revenge Is Sweet, And So Are You (Lookout!)
    The Nerves, “Paper Dolls,” One Way Ticket (Alive)
    Year Zero, “My Head,” Year One (Young Modern)
    The Vibrators, “London Girls,” Pure Mania
    Cheap Freaks, “Naked in the Rain,” Bury Them All (Big Neck)
    Gypsy, “The Most Important Ship is Friendship,” Demo (Dirt Cult)
    The Spits, “Flags,” IV (Recess)
    The Riverboat Gamblers, “Dead from the Neck Up,” Something to Crow About (Gearhead)
    McLusky, “Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues,” McLusky Do Dallas (Too Pure)
    Tiltwheel, “Make Like a Tree and Fuck Off,” Awesome Fest Five (ADD)
    The Bananas, “Peanut Butter Cups,” New Animals (Recess)
    Reverend Horton Heat, “Bales of Cocaine,” The Full Custom Gospel Sounds(Sub Pop)
    Underground Railroad To Candyland, “(I’m) Russian Roulette,” Bird Roughs (Recess)
    Rocket From The Crypt, “Glazed,” Circa: Now! (Swami) 

  4. get psyched, San Diego!

    the most badass poster on the face of the planet is courtesy Bill Pinkel. 

  5. click through to download the official soundtrack to your summer.


  6. interview with URTC on Welcome to Flavor Country! 

  7. our bud Marty brings us this weeks podcast! click through to jam with us!

    Falling Sickness, “Ripperside” (Right On Time, Hopeless)
    Horror Squad, “Liquor Stories” (12th & G Comp. LP, On The Real)
    Turkish Techno, “DUI” (12th & G comp LP, On The Real)
    Crusades, “Driven” (The Sun is Down and the Night is Riding In, It’s Alive/Razorcake)
    The Brokedowns, “Viking Birthday Party” (Split 7” w/ Sass Dragons, Cassette Deck/Let’s Pretend)
    The Manix, “Fingers Crossed” (Neighborhood Wildlife, It’s Alive)
    Lipstick Homicide, “Calling In Dead” (Split LP w/ Billy Raygun, John Wilkes Booth)
    Sloane Peterson, “Sunshine” (Why Go Out, Self-released)
    The Regressions, “Bitter Break Up Song” (Demo 2011 CDR, Self-released)
    Sass Dragons, “Explode Alamode” (Bonkaroo!, Let’s Pretend/Johann’s Face)
    Future Virgins, “Keep Yr Faith” (Part III: Easiest Years, Plan-It-X South)
    Hickey, “Everything I Know About Sex I Learned from KISS” (Various States Of Disrepair, Poverty)
    Underground Railroad To Candyland, “And You Think You Can Tame Me” (Knows Your Sins, Recess)
    The Bananas, “A Slippery Subject” (A Slippery Subject, Recess)
    The Grumpies, “Tomorrow” (Demo tape, Self-released)
    Carrie Nations, “Farming Communities” (Be Still, Plan-It-X)
    Big Eyes, “Your Lies” (Hard Life, Don Giovanni)
    The Slow Death, “Phantom Limbs” (Born Ugly, Got Worse, Kiss Of Death)
    Something Fierce, “Future Punks” (Don’t Be So Cruel, Dirtnap)
    You Me & Us, “Off Pudding” (Paperweights, Self-released)
    Flat Wheeler, “Lost and Found” (Demo 2010 CDR, Self-released)