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    Street Eaters: Oh yeah! In this extended moment of coffee induced reflection, we... →


    Oh yeah! In this extended moment of coffee induced reflection, we wanted to tenderly thank all of the amazing people in the Pacific Northwest who made our recent tour so awesome! It had been 2 years since our last NW jaunt, and we’d missed you guys. Thanks to all the unbelievably great bands…

    aww yeah tons of sweet pics from the Street Eaters northwest tour! already psyched for new stuff from these guys!

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    So! It has been a couple of months since the last blog update, and we are currently on tour in SoCal and the Southwest for a short fun jaunt that we’d really like to share with you. First, however, we never completed our Europe tour blog from November, 2012 - After Hungary (see prior blog entry),…

    Street Eaters tour update! Getting psyched to see you guys play with Spokenest!

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    Street Eaters: New EP Release and European Tour in Oct/Nov →


    Street Eaters’ new, self-titled EP has been officially released as of September 25 and is available for free streaming+cheap download now on

    The EP is also coming out on limited-pressing 12” vinyl October 15, in Europe on Germany’s excellent Cut The Cord…

    Hey European punk rockers, help Street Eaters find some cool shows to play!

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    Street Eaters: New Street Eaters song and video!!!! Plus US tour in June/July!!!! →


    Window by Street Eaters from Street Eaters on Vimeo.

    We are really excited to premiere a brand new music video for our brand new single, Window, the first track on our limited-edition, upcoming self-titled E.P!

    You can also download the MP3 for Window for free: **Window MP3…

    get your Street Eaters fix!

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    STREET EATERS matinee shows on Saturday and Sunday, West and East bay!! Saturday w/SHELLSHAG-NEON PISS-APOGEE SOUND CLUB (3pm!) and Sunday w/RVIVR-ACID FAST-RAG RAGE-MUGWORT-DISPLEASURE (5pm!)!

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    Interview Podcast with the Street Eaters! →

    The Street Eaters are a two-piece, wife-and-husband band from Berkeley,California. They play loud, weird, hooky DIY punk. It’s arty enough to be exploring and punk enough to get to the point; they’re a refreshing balance/counterbalance of quick charges and expansive sonic landscapes. 

    You may know Megan March from Neverending Party, Younger Lovers, and Wild Assumptions. You may know John Geek from Fleshies, Triclops! or Harbinger. Or you may not know any of those bands. Just rest comfortably knowing that two long-time DIY music makers are putting out exciting music, that they tour relentlessly, and they’re very approachable, down-to-earth folks who have very tight bond to both one another and the music that they make together.

    Megan and John were interviewed at the Razorcake HQ in Highland Park. A full interview went into Razorcake’s 10 Year Anniversary issue, #65. 
    It’s available here:

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    Razorcake Podcast #181 - Fest 2011 Edition with Todd and Daryl

Tracklisting:Dillinger Four, “Twin Cities Sinners, United” (Mutant Pop)—-Measure [SA], “Unwritten” (No Idea)Slow Death, “Poor Little Fool” (Silver Sprocket)Banner Pilot, “Overwinter” (Fat)Street Eaters, “Frigid Digits” (Dirt Cult / Dead Broke / Lost Cat)—-Lemuria, “Single Mother” (No Idea)Tiltwheel, “Subcontractor” (Accident Prone)Ampere, “Abject Failure” (No Idea)Hot Water Music, “Trusty Chords” (Epitaph)—-Future Virgins, “Change the Locks” (Plan It X South)Lifetime, “The Boy’s No Good” (Jade Tree)Dude Jams, “Chainsaw” (ADD)Copyrights, “Get Got” (No Idea)—-Brigade, “The Hardest Part” (BYO)

    Razorcake Podcast #181 - Fest 2011 Edition with Todd and Daryl

    Dillinger Four, “Twin Cities Sinners, United” (Mutant Pop)
    Measure [SA], “Unwritten” (No Idea)
    Slow Death, “Poor Little Fool” (Silver Sprocket)
    Banner Pilot, “Overwinter” (Fat)
    Street Eaters, “Frigid Digits” (Dirt Cult / Dead Broke / Lost Cat)
    Lemuria, “Single Mother” (No Idea)
    Tiltwheel, “Subcontractor” (Accident Prone)
    Ampere, “Abject Failure” (No Idea)
    Hot Water Music, “Trusty Chords” (Epitaph)
    Future Virgins, “Change the Locks” (Plan It X South)
    Lifetime, “The Boy’s No Good” (Jade Tree)
    Dude Jams, “Chainsaw” (ADD)
    Copyrights, “Get Got” (No Idea)
    Brigade, “The Hardest Part” (BYO)

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