1. Podcast #333 with Juan Espinosa!

    Let’s not kid ourselves. There is already an unbelievably large surplus of garbage records floating around in the used records section of any respectable record store, thrift shop, garage sale, what-have-you. I can’t help but imagine that a good number of them are part of these “prized” collections. 

    I’m not going to tell you or anyone how to collect. I am guilty of being as picky, superficial, and skeptical as any other shameless, pretentious record collecting asshole.

    My only suggestion is that if you fancy yourself a record collector, please consider what these globs of oil mean to you. Are they there for show or for listening pleasure? Do they represent your love of good music or a talking point? 

    If anything, I hope we can all agree that record collecting can be as fun as it can be an unhealthy obsession. Let me tell you, though, fun is a lot more fun.
    –Juan Espinosa

    download link!

    Yacht Club, “Tropicana” Tropicana 7” (Burger)
    Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, “The Ghost” Stay Home! LP (Toxic State)
    Condominium, “Thug” Thug 7” (Self-released)
    Una Bestia Incontrolable, “La Primera Foguera” Observant Com el Món es Destrueix 12” EP (La Vida En Un Mus)
    Earth Girls, “Unavailable” Wrong Side of History 7” EP (Grave Mistake)
    Steve Adamyk Band, “MRI” Dial Tone LP (Dirtnap)
    Arctic Flowers, “Anamnesis” Weaver LP (Deranged)
    Catholic Spit, “I’m Your god Now” A Pact with the Devil 12” EP (Crapoulet / Symphony Of Destruction)
    Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, “Spike Your Hair with Beer” Beer Storm Trooper7” (Headcount)
    Cülo, “Adult Life Is No Fun” My Life Sucks and I Could Care Less LP (Deranged)
    Civilized, “Wallflower” Dust and Blood7” EP (Youth Attack)
    Kontaminat, “Why I Grew Up Loving Israel” Self-titled 7” EP (Lengua Armada)
    Flesh World, “A Wet Line in the Grass” “A Wet Line in the Grass” b/w “Not a Soul” 7” (Iron Lung)

  2. Razorcake Podcast #325 with Juan Espinosa!

    Welcome to my eleventh podcast for Razorcake!

    Friends, man. Where the fuck would I be without them?
    I’ve been going to DIY punk shows ever since I ditched the Hollywood club scene in my late teens. Believe it or not, I actually got to see quite a few great bands at the most unremarkable venues tinsel town had to offer. Back then I was seriously hungry for live music and would go wherever the bands would play, even if it was a shitty bar or stupid night club.

    My eagerness to be a part of music even transcended the need for accompaniment. Several nights were spent on a bus, alone, beer in a brown bag, and appropriate return fair in pocket. It didn’t matter to me that my friends didn’t want to come along as long as I was there, but, to be honest, there were a couple of times when I wished I could look over and say to someone, “See? And you wanted to stay home.”

    This really isn’t the case anymore. Working for Razorcake has created so many meaningful friendships that I’ve already come to expect seeing at least one smiling face at any given show. Hugs are given, beers and stories are shared, and a fantastic time is generally had.

    This one’s for all the people who are awesome enough to call me “friend” back.


    download link!


    The Futures, “Cow Boy” Dirty Works 1997 – 2001 CD (Jerk Off)
    Sad Boys, “Cry Now, Cry Later” Cry Now, Cry Later 7” (Pogo And Cry)
    Night Birds, “Wise Up” Various:Influence: Tribute to Big Boys LP (Stiff Hombre)
    Personnel, “Modern Drab” Self-titled 7” (Double Dot Dash)
    Abject Pax, “Selfish Hands” Self-titled 7” (Sewercide)
    Bukakke Boys, “Born Dead Generation” Various: Land of Nod: Atlanta Punk and Hardcore Omnibus LP (Scavenger Of Death)
    Oblivionation, “18 to 1” Cult of Culture7” EP (Man In Decline)
    The Lowest Form, “Wrong Decision” Negative Ecstasy LP (Iron Lung)
    Predator, “Skate Slime” The Complete Earth LP (Scavenger Of Death / State Laughter)
    Casanovas In Heat, “Destiny St.” Belvedere b / w Destiny St.7” (Katorga Works)
    Sonic Avenues, “Automatic” MistakesLP (Dirtnap)
    White Murder, “Upstairs” Self-titled LP (Razorcake, Recess)
    Low Culture, “Shut Up” Various:Influence: Tribute to Big Boys LP (Stiff Hombre)
    Riverboat Gamblers, “Sound on Sound” Various:Influence: Tribute to Big Boys LP (Stiff Hombre)

  3. Razorcake Podcast #204 with Todd Taylor

    The longer I do podcasts, the simpler the process becomes. I play music I like. It’s fun matching up stuff that I’ve enjoyed for a long time—like The Saints and Tragedy this time out—and mixing it in with brand new songs from active bands. Keeps the soils tilled; the scalp itchy, the radar blipping. 

    I’m also glad that it’s no longer 1996 for punk rock. That was the year I started reviewing for Flipside and was confronted with a landslide of so many bands trying to fit into subgenres that were selling really well at the time. (Ska punk. Very processed pop punk. Emo.) 

    I’ve said this before, but I think it deserves repeating. Punk’s a big umbrella. It’s alive in unlikely places and is continuously changing. (But you know what it is, instantly.) Life’s too short to cram yourself in one of its subgenres or to live and die by a rigid set of bands. 

    Bounce around a little. Get stupid. Seek out your favorites, play the best.

    Otherwise, the internet and khaki pants win.


    The Saints, “Know Your Product” 
    Bright Ideas, “Casanova’s Memoirs” (Squirmy) 
    Good Luck, “Novel Figure” (No Idea) 
    Marvelous Darlings, “Shoot the Piano Player” (Deranged) 
    Shang-a-Lang, “Waiting for the End” (No Breaks, Dirt Cult, Fast Crowd, Silver Sprocket, Let’s Pretend, Drunken Sailor) 
    The Pushers, “Bad Bank Blues” (Hostage) 
    Big Crux, “Nature’s Cruise” ((SD) F) 
    Secret Prostitutes, “Jabatan Dicopot” (Bat Shit) 
    The Trans Megetti, “Opposite of Techno” (Art Monk) 
    The Measure [SA], “Jersey’s Best” (Don Giovanni) 
    Lost Sounds, “Plastic Skin” (Goner) 
    Off With Their Heads, “Never Run” (Drunken Sailor) 
    Ty Segall, “It” (Goner) 
    Mind Spiders, “Beat” (Dirtnap) 
    Tragedy, “Confessions of a Suicide Advocate” (Tragedy) 


  4. finally back for another podcast, The Man of A Thousand Record Reviews (actually probably way more), Jimmy Alvarado! 

    Flipper, “New Rules No Rules” (Public Flipper Ltd., Subterranean)
    Swell Maps, “Another Song” (Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk, Vol. 1, Rough Trade)
    Heavy Times, “Future City” (Jacker, HoZac)
    The Soft Moon, “Tiny Spiders” (Self-titled, self-released)
    Eric and the Happy Thoughts, “Indiana Girls” (Self-titled, HoZac)
    Barreracudas, “Girl” (Nocturnal Missions, Douche Master)
    Atom Notes, “Money Well Spent” (Spare Parts, Combat Rock Industry)
    Reverend Beat Man, “Jesus Christ Twist” (Voodoo Rhythm Compilation Vol. 3, Voodoo Rhythm)
    Pedestrians, “Blood Stains” (Ideal Divide, Southkore)
    Uncle Touchy, “Soft Skin” (Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Violence, Scene Kids in Pain)
    Captain Beefheart, “Pena” (Trout Mask Replica, Reprise)
    Battalion of Saints, “Sweaty Little Girls” (Split Single w/ SVDB, Mystic)
    The Goons, “U$A” (More Kaos compilation, Motherbox)
    Bum Kon, “Questions” (Drunken Sex Sucks, Smooch)
    Rapid Loss, “Self-Inflicted” (A Dark Place 7”, self-released)
    Terminal Mind, “I want to Die Young
    Shapes, “(I Saw) Batman (in the Launderette)” (Songs for Sensible People, Overground)
    Plugz, “La Bamba” (Achin’ 7”, Fatima)
    Slits, “Typical Girls” (Cut, Island)
    Noise Noise Noise, “The Way You Look Now” (Blazing Hot Title Track, Tummyrock)


  5. Todd and Daryl celebrate this momentous occasion by shotgunning beers, which was a donation incentive that people took us up on, so of course these two knuckleheads jumped at the chance.

    Hitting this milestone/nice round number is a good time to say thank you to all the people who’ve made Razorcake what it is, through their music, words, time, and donations. we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for this fantastic supportive community. 

    #200 has a track from God Equals Genocide’s upcoming LP Rattled Minds, plus other great picks from the past years Razorcake Records releases. Todd had a harder time finding good punk songs about ice cream than he thought. 

    anyway, let’s get down to business.

    God Equals Genocide, “Give It Up Front” (to be released: Rattled Minds LP, Razorcake / Dirt Cult)
    Crusades, “Remedy” (The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In LP, It’s Alive / Razorcake)
    Summer Vacation, “Tiffany Sucks” (Condition LP, Recess / Razorcake)
    Hex Dispensers, “Goodbye Spooky” (Sister Series 7”, Razorcake)
    Young Offenders, “Frustration” (Sister Series 7”, Razorcake)
    Dillinger Four, “Fire-side Chat” (Situationist Comedy LP, Fat)
    Sexy, “Crows” (Por Vida LP, Onion Flavored)
    Observers, “The Condition” (So What’s Left Now? LP, Vinyl Warning)
    RiverCity Tanlines, “Not Gonna Think About It Anymore” / “Drowning Dreams” / Gimme All Your Cuts” (I’m Your Negative LP, Dirtnap)
    Tenement, “City Bus #30” (Napalm Dream LP, Mandible)
    Grabass Charlestons, “The Laughing Song” (Ask Mark Twain LP, No Idea)
    Tim Version, “Mark’s Albatross” (The Decline of the Southern GentlemenLP, No Idea)
    Tiltwheel, “I Spent My Spring Break in Vancouver, BC and All I Got Was This Dumb Song” (The High Hate Us LP, ADD)
    Eddy Current Suppression Ring, “Cool Ice Cream” (Self-titled, Goner)


  6. Goddamn, this Marvelous Darlings LP is a much needed reminder of how fun music can be. To reiterate, keep a watchful eye on corporate interests in punk rock, keep an eye out for homophobic/racist/sexist/classist discrimination within the scene, don’t let anyone get away with acting like a rock star, squash the bullshit whenever possible, but also whenever you can; get your hands on records like this and let the melodies warm your soul. Punk is supposed to be an outlet, not a let down.

    And like Skillz says, “if hip hop died, you’re responsible for it.”


    Marvelous Darlings, “Sleeping Like a Dead Man” (Single Life LP,Deranged)
    Rations, “No Answer” (HowMuchLand Does a Man Need? 7”, 86’d, etc.)
    Big Crux, “Angelic Upstart” (Nature Cruising 12” EP, (SD)F)
    Kim Phuc, “Equinox” (Copsucker LP, Iron Lung)
    Shang-A-Lang, “Commotion” (Waiting for the End 7”, Dirt Cult, etc.)
    Brain Tumors, “Old Habits” (7” on Fashionable Idiots / Pass Judgement)
    Tacocat, “Party Trap” (Woman’s Day 7”, Minor Bird)
    Pangea, “River” (Killer Dreams 7”, Lauren / Ghostbot)
    Mikal Cronin, “You Gotta Have Someone” (Tide 7”, Goner)
    Violent Minds, “Just Kicked In” (Just Kicked In 7”, Deranged)
    Mannequin Men, “Private School” (7” on Criminal IQ)
    Criminal Damage, “The Choice Is Clear” (No Solution LP, Feral Ward)
    Skillz, “Hip Hop Died?” (Hip Hop Died? 12” EP, Koch)
    James Arthur’s Manhunt, “It’s Working (Part 2)” (It’s Working 7”, In The Red)


  7. Kurt plays some of his favorite independent metal songs (plus some Slayer, because why not?)

    High On Fire, “Devilution” (Blessed Black Wings, Relapse)
    Cave In, “Juggernaut” (Until Your Heart Stops, Hydra Head)
    Converge, “Cutter” (Axe to Fall, Epitaph)
    Misery Index, “Occupation” (Traitors, Relapse)
    Famine, “Consume, Devour, Repeat” (The Raven and The Reaping, Solid State)
    In Flames, “Ordinary Story” (Colony, Nuclear Blast)
    Zao, “There is No Such Thing As Paranoia” (The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here, Ferret)
    Coalesce, “A New Language” (Functioning on Impatience, Second Nature)
    Pig Destroyer, “Gravedancer” (Terrifyer, Relapse)
    Slayer, “Cult” (Christ Illusion, American)


  8. Our first podcast of 2012! Todd wants to know: what do you listen to when no one’s around? 

    Slow Death, “Ticks of the Clock” (Kiss Of Death) 
    Tenement, “Taking Everything” (Toxic Pop) 
    Nightmare Boyzzz, “Backyard Coffins” (Arkam) 
    Too Many Daves, “When Getting Awesome Goes Wrong” (ADD) 
    Heavy Times, “FutureCity” (HoZac) 
    Amoebas, “Shake Me” (Modern Action / Gimme Gimme) 
    Mean Jeans, “(Let’s Go B4 I Blow My) Brains Out” (Big Neck)
    Young Governor, “Where It’s Quiet” (12XU) 
    Ghost Knife, “The Lightning Test” (End Sounds) 
    Pine Hill Haints, “Moon Shadow” (K) 
    The Arrivals, “Finding My Station” (All In Vinyl) 
    Total Control, “Retiree” (Iron Lung) 
    Spits, “Last Man on Earth” (In The Red) 
    Maxines, “Queer Mods” (La-Ti-Da) 
    Weird Lovemakers, “I’m Not Alright” (Self-released) 
    The Weasels, “Beat Her with a Rake” (Siamese) 
    Wreck Of The Zephyr, “Rhythm in My Bones” (Pass The Fist) 
    Waxahatchee, “Be Good” (Don Giovanni)


  9. The Street Eaters are a two-piece, wife-and-husband band from Berkeley,California. They play loud, weird, hooky DIY punk. It’s arty enough to be exploring and punk enough to get to the point; they’re a refreshing balance/counterbalance of quick charges and expansive sonic landscapes. 

    You may know Megan March from Neverending Party, Younger Lovers, and Wild Assumptions. You may know John Geek from Fleshies, Triclops! or Harbinger. Or you may not know any of those bands. Just rest comfortably knowing that two long-time DIY music makers are putting out exciting music, that they tour relentlessly, and they’re very approachable, down-to-earth folks who have very tight bond to both one another and the music that they make together.

    Megan and John were interviewed at the Razorcake HQ in Highland Park. A full interview went into Razorcake’s 10 Year Anniversary issue, #65. 
    It’s available here: http://www.razorcake.org/store/razorcake-65

  10. halffiction:

    my christmas present to you guys is another Razorcake podcast. Daryl and I nearly destroyed the podcast computer, but we had fun anyway. 

    Razorcake Podcast #191 Tracklisting:
    Paulson, “Nightfall” Variations (Initial)
    This Is My Fist!, “Wooden Bullets” A History of Rats (No Idea)
    Embrace, “Dance of Days” Self-titled (Dischord)
    The Sultans, “(This Ain’t No) Solid State” Ghost Ship (Swami)
    Shang-A-Lang, “Must Be Damned” Collection (Silver Sprocket)
    Witches With Dicks, “Skate Or Die Two Is Going To Be Awesome When It Comes Out” Manual (Kiss Of Death)
    Against Me!, “Rice + Bread” …as the Eternal Cowboy (Fat)
    The Moving Parts, “Anti-Aircraft Warning” Wrong Conclusion (Arf Arf)
    The Measure [SA], “Be Yours” Notes (No Idea)
    The Soviettes, “Don’t Say No” LP II (Adeline)
    Scared Of Chaka, “Glass Socket/Broken Jaw” Crossing With Switchblades(Hopeless/Sub City)
    Dananananaykroyd, “Pink Sabbath” Hey Everyone (Best Before)
    The Epoxies, “Beat My Guest” Self-titled (Dirtnap)
    Pink Razors, “The New Justice (I Wanna Be)” Waiting To Wash Up (Robotic Empire)
    The Minutemen, “Shit From An Old Notebook” Double Nickels On The Dime(SST)