1. (glitched cover by candice/infinity-machine)

    Top 5s from Issue #81
    Top 5 Songs to Sing to a Pug While Replacing the World ‘Love’ with ‘Pug’

    Cassie Sneider
    Top 5 Songs to Sing to a Pug While Replacing the Word “Love” with “Pug”
    1. “I Want to Know What [Pug] Is” by Foreigner
    2. “Cradle of [Pug]” by Billy Idol
    3. “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout [Pug]” by Van Halen
    4. “What’s [Pug] Got to Do with It” by Tina Turner
    5. “Modern [Pug]” by David Bowie
  2. Punk Parenthood for the Sleep Deprived
    Because the Night Belongs to Mothers

    By Jennifer Whiteford

  3. Webcomic Wednesdays #84 with Ben Snakepit

    where Ben teaches us the ways of the Michelada!

  4. Razorcake is psyched to be hosting a new podcast series: Top Shelf Interviews! in this first edition, Replay Dave and Matt Sweeting interview Fay Wray.

    a li’l blurb from Replay Dave:

    The first Top Shelf interview has a few hiccups, but it’s honest, raw, and we care, much like Fay Wray’s album itself. This record has always been a stand-out for me. When I remember watching them play during that time in Gainesville, it always brings a smile to my face. Hell, that time was great all around. But that was a long time ago. 

    Fay Wray reunited to perform at Fest 7. I had the honor to play bass. Rob Coe sat me down and showed me the songs. So for the inaugural Top Shelf interview, I sat Rob down with Matt and me to discuss the landmark album I Love Everyone. Matt and I were still getting familiar with the Grow Radio studio, so bear with us…and Love Everyone. 

    download link

  5. our own Matt Hart put this little video together: How Razorcake is Sort of Made!

    featuring yours truly, Todd, Josh, Marcos, and plenty of Daryl glamour shots (you’ll know the ones! love that hair flip)

    watch us pick it up, pack it up, and ship these beautiful dang zines! and enjoy the last shot: ‘cuz its super-duper illegal! 

    love, us

    ps. background music thanx to the chantey hook, which you can grab here


  6. Sean’s column from issue 20 is now up on his website!

  7. Razorcake Podcast #329 with Daryl!

    This benefit show (see flyer above) is tonight. It isn’t officially sponsored by Razorcake, but Razorcake officially supports the idea of helping people.

    Organized by Razorcake contributor John Mule, with music being performed by multiple fellow contributors, all for a good cause.

    This show isn’t going to end that cringing feeling I get every time I read the news, and we are all still totally fucked, but we’re not completely helpless just yet. Change can still be made, your voice can still be heard.

    take care,

    download link!


    Darto, “Duvall Days” (Hex, Mother Image)
    Hurula, “Sveriges Ungdom” (Vi Är Människorna Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För, No Good)
    Vexx, “Strength” (Self-titled, Grazer)
    Dead Moon, “It’s Ok” (Crack in the System,Tombstone / Mississippi)
    Leatherface, “Grip” (Horsebox, BYO)
    Future Virgins, “Centre” (Self-released 7”) B 45
    Street Eaters, “Null” (Blood::Muscles::Bones,Nervous Intent)
    Reigning Sound, “North Cackalacky Girl” (Shattered, Merge)
    The Estranged, “Mark of Sin” (Self-titled, Dirtnap)
    Feral Future, “No Means Nothing” (Haematic,Western Medical)
    Bad Daddies, “You Ain’t Right” (Negative Fun 7”)
    Supercrush, “Lifted” (Grave Mistake 7”)
    Toys That Kill, “Nervous” (Influence: A Tribute to The Big Boys, Stiff Hombre)
    Video, “Captivity” (Total Punk 7”)

  8. featured book reviews from issue #81!

    What are we to make of a book whose pages are as dotted with QR codes as the author’s punk rock hide is tattooed? In an obvious attempt to curry favor with tech-junkies who read a book with one hand while manipulating their smart phone with the other, many of the chapters of this book feature QR codes, linking the tech-savvy reader to instructional videos, related writings and songs by bands I’ve never heard of. On one hand, it could be argued that sprinkling QR codes throughout the pages opens the “book experience” into a digitally interactive, multi-dimensional experience beyond (and some might say “superior to”) the mere Gutenbergian task of reading. On the other hand, littering QR codes throughout the pages of I.S. is about as aesthetically pleasing as piles of robot droppings. And is there anything more symbolic of creeping corporate crud than QR codes? Grosso admonishes his readers to “question everything;” so I ask: is an author who “fortifies” his books with the robot scat of QR codes someone who himself truly questions everything—including the all-pervasive, ever growing corporate technocracy and the ubiquitous herd mentality of the app-happy and not-so-mindful early adopters? 

    –Aphid Peewit 

  9. Webcomic Wednesdays #83
    from the archives: Issue 53

    By Kiyoshi Nakazawa


  10. if you’ve been reading Razorcake for a bit, you are already ahead of the av club!

    they were on the cover of Razorcake 70

    AND we have a lovely 7” from our Sister Series where Lenguas covers Mind Spiders!

    you can grab both for less than $10! punx for the people.