1. Webcomics Wednesday #66- where waking up early blows

    by ampijpers

  2. Razorcake Podcast #324 with Joe and Jeff - Bar 107 Happy Hour Edition!

    Joe: The mission of our monthly event, Razorcake <3’s Drinking Beer and Listening to Records is simple and in the title itself: Listen to vinyl records and have day-drinking good times with people who’d appreciate the vinyl records being played. 

    Jeff:Dive bar day-drinking is one of our favorite kinds of drinking. I like to think Joe and I are pretty good at it. We’re also pretty excited about the punk rock world we’re currently inhabiting, which is often much more varied, creative, and diverse than it’s often given credit for. And we’re excited to share that world with you. 

    download link!


    Shirley Bassey, “Goldfinger” Goldfinger
    L7, “Fast and Frightening” Smell the Magic (Sub Pop)
    Shellac, “Prayer to God” 1000 Hurts(Touch & Go)
    Fluf, “Sticky Bun” Whitey on the Moon(Headhunter)
    Dictators, “I Stand Tall” Everyday Is Saturday (Norton)
    Rocket From The Crypt, “Drop Out” Scream, Dracula, Scream!(Headhunter)
    Spits, “Witch Hunt” The Spits (Dirtnap)
    Black Velvet Flag, “I Don’t Care About You” Come Recline (Go Kart)
    Dwarves, “That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll” That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll 7” (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
    Neighborhood Brats, “Shark Beach” No Sun No Tan (Deranged)
    The Cramps, “It Thing Hard-On” Big Beat from Badville (Epitaph)
    The Southern Belles, “Dum Dum Ditty” Girls in the Garage Vol. 4(Romulan)
    J Church, “Alone When She Dies” Drama of Alienation (Honest Don’s)
    Crucifucks, “The Savior” Wisconsin (Alternative Tentacles)

  3. check out Andy’s interview with Oi Polloi

  4. Webcomic Wednesdays #78
    Where we all have weirdo neighbors

    by donnaramone

  5. John Miskelly’s latest short story is here! (with art by our buddy stevethueson) download The Librarian as an ebook if ya like, or read the whole damn thing right here

  6. (flyer by yours truly)

    Ahoy hoy, Razorcakers! Please join us the afternoon of Saturday July 19th at DTLA’s finest day-time watering hole, Bar 107! This month’s edition of our punk rock happy hour features Yvonne Drazan, Joe Dana and special guest DJ Rat Bastard spinnin’ yer favorite punk ditties, plus the triumphant return of bartender extraordinaire Matt Dwyer, pouring plentiful doses of yer preferred libations. Drink specials and giveaways galore. Come on out and shake your tail feathers.
    facebook invite

    Saturday July 19th
    4 - 8 PM
    Bar 107 
    107 W. 4th Street, DTLA
  7. today at the ‘Cake: zine fort building, box making

    (issue 81 comes your way soon!!!)

  8. Razorcake Podcast #323 - Future Virgins Edition! (with Todd and Mike Faloon)

    There’s a lot I cherish about Razorcake and one of the simple pleasures is sitting down with friends and listening to records. Mike Faloon and I are buddies. We live on separate sides of the county. We don’t get to hang out as much as I’d like. Mike visited me in Los Angeles for a week and he’d volleyed the idea of doing a Future Virgins podcast. The Future Virgins are one of the best bands on the planet. They also live by ideals. It’s that ultra-rare double quality that made me go, “Yup, Mike. Absolutely.” Mike wrote this stellar review of their latest record, LateRepublicon his blog for Go Metric. As Mike says, the Future Virgins are a band that makes music that matters.

    The evening before we recorded this podcast, Mike and I listened to records for hours and hours. I pulled out all of my Future Virgins records, all the predecessor Future Virgins records, all my contemporary band records that feature Future Virgins members. We drank beer that he couldn’t find on his coast and listened to songs he’d never heard. It’s this great feeling of sharing something new (even when it’s old) with an old friend—someone who gets it when people half our ages have packed it in. We played certain songs over and over again. We made lists. We scribbled out selections. We worked on the song order. Mike became a Dark Rides and Sexy fan that evening. We totally fucking geeked out like the record nerds we are. My wife came in, took a picture of us and laughed, pleased to see us both so happy.

    This is our document. This music helps keep us alive. This is a big reason Razorcake exists how it exists. 

    -Todd Taylor

    download link

    Future Virgins, “Gravity”
    Future Virgins, “’60s Sweater” 
    Sexy, “Crows”
    Jack Palance Band, “Heaven”
    Future Virgins, “Keep Your Faith”
    Future Virgins, “Posi Jam”
    Future Virgins, “Other Side”
    Future Virgins, “Ruined Splendor”
    Hidden Spots, “Don’t Waste Your Days”
    ADD/C, “All Things Considered”
    Dark Rides, “Modern Glory”
    Future Virgins, “Counting Sheep”
    Future Virgins, “Darkness”
    Future Virgins, “Boy’s Choir”
    Future Virgins, “Brokedown”
    Future Virgins, “Waiting to Disappear”
    Future Virgins, “Follow to the Grave”

  9. Kurt Morris (w2fc) interviews Adam gnade of wearepioneerspress!

    Kurt: How did you decide to share all that stuff that’s in The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad? It’s a lot of personal stuff.

    Adam: I was going through a pretty rough time a few years back and I needed some kind of toolkit to deal with this stuff, so I started making lists. I wasn’t thinking about it for publication. I wasn’t thinking about it being anything other than being my way of surviving the shit I was dealing with. Whatever I was dealing with at the time, I would come up with these lists to solve the thing—to get through it. And pretty soon I realized that it was a full zine of stuff and so I made a zine and then it became a book. I didn’t think it was going to take off like it did, but we’ve (Pioneers Press, his publisher) sold a lot of copies. People like it. It seems like there are a lot of people who are dealing with a lot of the same shit that I was dealing with. Some people are being helped by it, which is great. It’s a lot nobler than a lot of the fiction stuff I do, which is entertainment. 

    Kurt: Was it hard to come out with that stuff to share with other people?

    Adam: I’ve been doing this stuff all my life, so it’s what I know. For better or worse, I’ve been releasing zines and records since I was a kid. So that’s how I know how to deal with the world. I’m not afraid of letting it out there. Some of my early records are all about wanting to kill myself and suicide attempts and, at that point, anything is fair. Once your parents read that stuff and get horrified, the whole world is open to whatever embarrassing things you’re going to say. 

    Kurt: Yeah, I was going to ask you what your parents think about all of your writing and music. I get the feeling your parents are pretty cool people.

    read the full interview  (and check out adam’s music) right here!

  10. jimvermin:

    Todd Taylor rolling deep. #Razorcake #porvida (at The Pop-Hop)

    head honcho hangin’ with Spongebob!

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