2. Ryan Leach interviews Kira Roessler, with a new intro by w2fc's Kurt Morris!

     Ten minutes before we go on, I go into the bathroom and this very large woman kicks the crap out of me, and grabs my right hand, which has all these problems, and bends it back, which is why I know that it’s an inside job and that someone told her I had a hurt hand. It’s complicated in that she went after my weak spot. At first she tossed me around a little bit, and it didn’t hurt, so I just kind of let her. Then she got me on the ground and started smashing my head against the floor, and grabbed the hand and bent it back, and that’s when I got kind of sick of it and kicked her off me. Girls were screaming and running and I knew they would go get the guys, and the guys did come and she ran away. They chased after her and didn’t find her. Yeah, she hurt an already injured hand, and you know what? Her goal was for me not to play that night, so I played that night. 

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  3. halffiction:

    my partner in crime Matt and I are back with another razorcake self-reflection funtime podcast! recorded on V-Day so we’re extra jaded, there’s talk of masturbation, phone sex, and other nonsense in between excellent punk tunes. also Matt’s intro is brilliant (because duh) so read on!

    “You’re bound to get idears if you go thinkin’ about stuff.” 

    This podcast was recorded on Valentine’s Day, which is a holiday that’s more pointless than Easter. A good holiday is one that resurrects the past and inserts it into the present. Remembrance can be a revolutionary action. The resurrection of the history of the oppressed (or suppressed history) is the foundation of political progress. This is what should fill our calendars; not fucking plush teddy bears holding a plastic heart full of jelly beans. I’d like to elaborate on this and tie it in with music, but I have records that need listening to. Anyway, I’ll say this: when I’m angry I like to listen to music. It allows me to wag my mind finger at strawmen. It’s the aloe on the sunburn of existence. Jeez, I need to sleep. 

    So, goodbye valentine, goodbye guilt, goodbye god, and goodbye Alaska. 


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    Kudzu, “Goodbye Alaska” Anthology (Stress Domain)
    Ty Segall, “The Hill” Twins (Drag City)
    Shellshag, “Kiss Me Harder” Destroy Me I’m Yours (Starcleaner)
    Steve Adamyk Band, “Wait For Your Number” Third (Dirtnap)
    Bad Sports, “Let Me In” Bras (Dirtnap)
    Wilco, “Passenger Side” A.M.
    Tenement, “Running Into Mirrors” Napalm Dream (Mandible)
    Radioactivity, “Trusted You” Self-titled (Dirtnap)
    Galaxie 500, “Strange” On Fire (Rough Trade)
    Roger Miller, “King of the Road” No Man is Hurting Me (Ace of Hearts)
    The Dirtbombs, “Your Love Belongs Under a Rock” Ultraglide in Black (In the Red)
    Discount, “Pocket Bomb” Half Fiction (Meth Mouth) 
    Japanther, “Battle of The Hopeless Crushes” I Pee in Pools comp (Recess)
    Neighborhood Brats, “Lust to Love” Total Dementia 7” (Dirtnap)
    Pink Razors, “Summer Colds” Waiting to Wash Up (Robotic Empire)
    Pounded Clown, “One Nine Hundred” Four Two Pudding Comp

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  4. violencegirl:

    "The Hollywood punk scene predated the East L.A. punk scene; they were not concurrent." Pick up issue #79 of @Razorcake. WE WERE THERE. Voices from L.A. Punk’s First Wave. An Oral History Hosted by Alice Bag

    Photo: The Bags performing at the Dreva/Gronk Art Meets Punk Show, 1978. Photograph by Louis Jacinto

    I moderate a conversation with Tito Larriva of The Plugz; Trudie Arguelles of The Plungers; Robert Lopez of The Zeros; Margot Olavarria of The Go-Go’s; Juan Gomez of Human Hands; Hector Peñalosa of The Zeros; Javier Escovedo of The Zeros; Kid Congo Powers of the Gun Club and The Cramps; Hellin Killer of The Plungers; Mike Ochoa of Nervous Gender; Seal Sanchez, Roadie; X-8, FlipSide writer; and artists Sean Carrillo and Margaret Guzman. The great layout by Todd Taylor is accompanied by photographs of these artists by Dawn Wirth, Lynda Burdick, Pete Landswick and Louis Jacinto. GET IT!

    serious punk history in issue 79. pick it up!

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  5. Sean Carswell’s interview with Avail is now an ebook!

    originally from issue #14, now with a bonus new intro from w2fc (Kurt Morris), and an awesome illustration by Kiyoshi Nakazawa!

    download it here for your iPad/kindle/tablet/whatever!

  6. Punk in Seoul, South Korea
    Travels and Interviews with Several Punks
    By J. Federico

  7. Punk Parenthood for the Sleep Deprived
    Dancin’ Dancin’ Late at Night
    By Jennifer Whiteford


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  9. featured reviews from Issue #77!

  10. Night Birds! Night Birds! Night Birds!