1. Razorcake Podcast #331 with Mike Faloon! (and Todd)

    Friends engage in any number of activities when they get together.  Some compare monocles.  Others debate Night Ranger vs. Styx.  We dig spinning punk rock records and talking about them.  This is what it sounded like one afternoon in August.


    download link!

    Night Birds, “Hope for the Best (Expect the Worse)” (Wallride)
    Future Virgins, “Late Republic” (Self-released)
    Underground Railroad To Candyland, “Worried” (Recess)
    Lenguas Largas, “Heavy Bubbles” (Recess)
    Treasure Fleet, “Surrender of Promises” (Recess)
    White Night, “Stuck on You” (Recess)
    Vanna Inget, “Alla Andra Dagar” (Man In Decline)
    Chantey Hook, “Underground” (ADD/Razorcake)
    Street Eaters, “Reverse” (Contraszt!/Nervous Intent)
    Worriers, “Get Bored” (Yo-Yo)
    Brain F≠, “Dry” (Grave Mistake/Sorry State)
    Gories, “View From Here” (Crypt)
    Fastbacks, “In the Summer” (Popllama)
    Bright Ideas, “Please Say Yes” (Radio On)

  2. Razorcake is psyched to be hosting a new podcast series: Top Shelf Interviews! in this first edition, Replay Dave and Matt Sweeting interview Fay Wray.

    a li’l blurb from Replay Dave:

    The first Top Shelf interview has a few hiccups, but it’s honest, raw, and we care, much like Fay Wray’s album itself. This record has always been a stand-out for me. When I remember watching them play during that time in Gainesville, it always brings a smile to my face. Hell, that time was great all around. But that was a long time ago. 

    Fay Wray reunited to perform at Fest 7. I had the honor to play bass. Rob Coe sat me down and showed me the songs. So for the inaugural Top Shelf interview, I sat Rob down with Matt and me to discuss the landmark album I Love Everyone. Matt and I were still getting familiar with the Grow Radio studio, so bear with us…and Love Everyone. 

    download link


    Raw power in all forms has the potential for abuse.

    Sexuality is powerful. 

    Live, White Murder’s sexuality fills the room as real as any body. Both genders. Hannah and Mary are the obvious ones, stalking the room, jumping around, pushing into and over one another, dancing, screaming, staring, and confronting as microphone cords snake behind. Reuben, Mike, and Paul—although more rooted in space—blast and sweat and steam and pound.

    This would be purely academic if White Murder were merely a show, if their music didn’t back the juice and strut. Think blistering, unhinged O-fucking-hio-based anxiety punk—The Chargers Street Gang, This Moment In Black History, Pere Ubu, We March. Think Emma Goldman and Le Tigre where body ownership means that fucking’s always a two-way street—that your body is your temple and it’s your duty to not only defend it, but to call out those who don’t respect it.

    Lastly, let’s not forget that sexuality can often be fun, goofy, warm, considerate, and caring. It’s one part of a much more complex system of what it is to be human regardless what’s between your legs or on your chest.

    That’s not a bad headspace to think about when a band starts playing or spins around on a record player. Here’s to White Murder, a powerful L.A.-are band carrying on exciting dialogues, dripping with tension.

    Interview by Todd Taylor and Noah Wolf

  4. Razorcake Podcast #323 - Future Virgins Edition! (with Todd and Mike Faloon)

    There’s a lot I cherish about Razorcake and one of the simple pleasures is sitting down with friends and listening to records. Mike Faloon and I are buddies. We live on separate sides of the county. We don’t get to hang out as much as I’d like. Mike visited me in Los Angeles for a week and he’d volleyed the idea of doing a Future Virgins podcast. The Future Virgins are one of the best bands on the planet. They also live by ideals. It’s that ultra-rare double quality that made me go, “Yup, Mike. Absolutely.” Mike wrote this stellar review of their latest record, LateRepublicon his blog for Go Metric. As Mike says, the Future Virgins are a band that makes music that matters.

    The evening before we recorded this podcast, Mike and I listened to records for hours and hours. I pulled out all of my Future Virgins records, all the predecessor Future Virgins records, all my contemporary band records that feature Future Virgins members. We drank beer that he couldn’t find on his coast and listened to songs he’d never heard. It’s this great feeling of sharing something new (even when it’s old) with an old friend—someone who gets it when people half our ages have packed it in. We played certain songs over and over again. We made lists. We scribbled out selections. We worked on the song order. Mike became a Dark Rides and Sexy fan that evening. We totally fucking geeked out like the record nerds we are. My wife came in, took a picture of us and laughed, pleased to see us both so happy.

    This is our document. This music helps keep us alive. This is a big reason Razorcake exists how it exists. 

    -Todd Taylor

    download link

    Future Virgins, “Gravity”
    Future Virgins, “’60s Sweater” 
    Sexy, “Crows”
    Jack Palance Band, “Heaven”
    Future Virgins, “Keep Your Faith”
    Future Virgins, “Posi Jam”
    Future Virgins, “Other Side”
    Future Virgins, “Ruined Splendor”
    Hidden Spots, “Don’t Waste Your Days”
    ADD/C, “All Things Considered”
    Dark Rides, “Modern Glory”
    Future Virgins, “Counting Sheep”
    Future Virgins, “Darkness”
    Future Virgins, “Boy’s Choir”
    Future Virgins, “Brokedown”
    Future Virgins, “Waiting to Disappear”
    Future Virgins, “Follow to the Grave”


  5. New Razorcake Podcast by me!


    I’ve been through some shit lately that has left me feeling low down and drained. So it seems fitting that I’ve been listening to a lot of the blues. While the style has a specific musical structure (which few of the artists on this podcast actually follow), lyrically it has often served as a means for the songwriter to release heartache of the relationship kind or that which is experienced from harsh daily living. And in that regard, more of the artists on this podcast actually are following in the blues tradition. Some of the bands here don’t follow the blues style, lyrically or musically, they just have the word “Blues” in their song title (which is the unifying theme of the podcast). But they all express an emotion, whether it be sadness or anger. And those are two things I’m feeling right now. So join me in feeling the blues and I promise to only play upbeat, happy pop punk for the next podcast. (Not really.)

    Click here for Blues related fun!

    Johnny Cash, “Folsom Prison Blues” (Live at Folsom Prison)
    Johnny Cash, “Cocaine Blues” (Live at Folsom Prison)
    Jimmie Rodgers, “T.B. Blues”
    Ethel Meserve, “Belated Blues” (Spelling The Names)
    Motörhead, “Lost Woman Blues” (Aftershock)
    Obits, “Milk Cow Blues” (I Blame You)
    Converge, “Wolverine Blues” (Converge/Napalm Death split 7”)
    Pig Destroyer, “Restraining Order Blues” (Terrifyer)
    The Reatards, “Memphis Blues” (Teenage Hate)
    Rollins Band, “Gun in Mouth Blues” (Life Time)
    The Stooges, “LA Blues” (Fun House)

    our latest podcast adventure with Kurt! join us, won’t you?

  6. Razorcake Podcast #316 with Juan Espinosa!

    Hi there Razorcake podcast listeners!

    As I write this, I am currently anxiously awaiting maybe three or four record packages in the mail as well as a slew of great shows coming through town or nearby: Washington’s Criminal Code tomorrow night at a house show only fifteen minutes from where I live, Burnouts en Baja Fest in Tijuana towards the end of the month, Sexdrome from Denmark playing their first and only show ever in the U.S., and the amazing Radioactivity from Texas, both coming in May. Not to mention already having caught Tragedy and Bümbkläätt in Tijuana (thanks Rene!), Bad Sports’ short but sweet set in downtown Los Angeles a few nights ago and NYC’s fiercest ladies La Misma a couple weeks ago on a work night (the right side of my ribs still kinda hurt…) 

    What it all adds up to is the busiest first third of the year in music that I can remember in some time. April also marks the six year mark of my involvement with Razorcake which has been nothing but one rewarding experience after another, such as making new friends, near and abroad (shout outs to Tommy Vandervort!) as well as enjoying the benefits of being exposed to great new music through my stint as a reviewer which I am eternally grateful for. Life has been a lot more interesting and a little less sucky these past six years.

    Thanks for listening. 


    P.S. Extra super eternal thanks to Designated Dale Drazan for reuniting me with a copy of the No Comment 7”!

    download link!!

    No///Sé, “All the Little Things You Love to Hate” “Beach Bathroom Bingo” b/w “All the Little Things You Love to Hate” 7” (1859 / Different Kitchen)
    S.H.I.T., “Nobody Knows Anything” Collective Unconsciousness 7” (Iron Lung)
    Warthog: “Exterminate Me” Exterminate Me 7” (Katorga Works)
    Homostupids, “Screwry Turkey” New York Jammin’ EP (Hozac)
    Hysterics, “Please, Sir” Can’t I Live 7” (M’Lady’s)
    Los Monjo, “Decepciòn” La Vida que Todos Envidian LP (MMM / Trabuc)
    Brain F≠, “Don’t Tell Me” Empty Set LP (Grave Mistake / Sorry State)
    The Love Triangle, “The Situation is Excellent” Clever Clever LP (Sorry State / Static Shock)
    The Comes, “Ningen Gari” No Outsider LP (Hirohito Era Hardcore, unofficial)
    Heresy, “Face Up to It” Face Up to It LP (Still Thinking)
    Big Boys, “TV” Wreck Collection 2 x LP (Gern Blandstein)
    Minutemen, “King of the Hill” Ballot Result 2 x LP (SST)
    No Comment, “Push Down and Turn,” “Curtains” Self-titled 7” EP (Slap A Ham)

  7. Razorcake Podcast #314 with Bryan Static!

    The days sure seem shorter now. What’s next up anyway? Get a career, I guess. Work for years and years and find time to do the things I love while my life wastes away at a job I hate. Yeah, that sounds about right. Kind of a shame that the things I love aren’t things that are notorious money makers. If only my hobby was being a hedge fund manager. Noooooo, I had to get into punk rock and comic books.

    Well, whatever. Here, dear listeners, I offer you this for free. Not that I really have any right to make money off a mix tape that I gave you over the internet. But, hey, if you wanted to send me $5, I ain’t gonna stop you.

    If you want to send me $5 or tell me how I’m a dirty capitalist pig, email me at bryanstatic@gmail.com.

    -Bryan Static

    download link, fools!

    The Love Triangle, “Do You Think That You’ve Found Love?” Clever Clever(Sorry State)
    The Visitors, “Amsterdam” Yeti (It’s Alive)
    Blank Pages, “Cyanide Spit” Self-titled (Hardware)
    Sweet Talk, “Microphone” Flash of Light (12XU)
    Future Virgins, “Secret Paintings” Late Republic (Recess)
    Neighborhood Brats, “We Own the Night” No Sun No Tan (Deranged)
    Perfect Pussy, “I” I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling (Self-released)
    Sickoids, “Delusion” No Home (Sorry State / Grave Mistake)
    Social Circkle, “Third Shift” City Shock (No Way)
    Wreck Of The Zephyr, “Building Blocks” For Helen (Pass The Fist)
    Benny The Jet Rodriguez, “Heart Attack” Home. Run. (Recess)
    The Courtneys, “K.C. Reeves” Self-titled (Burger)
    Freezing Hands, “Cake and Donuts Awesome” Self-titled (Burger)
    The Murderburgers, “Everything is Muted & Brown” These Are Only Problems (Asian Man)
    Youth Avoiders, “Snake Charmer” Self-titled (Deranged)
    Tony Molina, “The Way Things Are” Dissed and Dismissed (Melters)
    The Slow Death, “No Heaven” No Heaven (Rad Girlfriend)
    Dark Rides, “Chasing Shadows” Walk the Floors (Do Ya Hear We)

  8. Razorcake Podcast #313 - Recess Records Edition! with Mike, Todd and Daryl

    download it right hurrr!

    Three Recess fans wrestle with the idea of a Recess-centric podcast. Best songs? Best bands? Best albums? Tell the whole story? Tell the recent story? We never decided. Just kicked back and enjoyed. Ask us tomorrow the list might change. Might not. Ask Daryl…yeah, no.

    -Mike Faloon


    F.Y.P, “Come Home Smelly” (Toys That Kill)
    Lenguas Largas, “Yard Sale Heart” (Self-titled)
    Off With Their Heads, “Die Today” (Hospitals)
    Bent Outta Shape, “Backwash” (Stray Dog Town)
    Rivethead, “48 Double Stack” (Cheap Wine of Youth)
    Swing Ding Amigos, “Niñak Attacks” (Kings of Culo)
    Thee Makeout Party!, “Kids” (Play Pretend)
    Underground Railroad To Candyland, “That I Dunno” (Knows Your Sins)
    Fleshies, “Onion of My Eye” (Brown Flag)
    The Bananas, “Nautical Theme” (Nautical Rock’n’Roll)
    The Spits, “Rip Up the Streets” (The Spits)
    Stoned At Heart, “Question Mark” (Party Tracks Vol. 1)
    Future Virgins, “Cheap Seats” (Late Republic)
    The Arrivals, “Simple Pleasures in America” (Volatile Molotov)
    Weird Lovemakers, “A Little Bit of Hell” (Choose your title: Must Die orMust Diet or Are Dead)
    Toys That Kill, “They Tied Up All Our Lace” (Shanked!)

  9. mitchclem:

    Mitch Clem and Bryan Static are back, way way WAY sooner than usual (it’s almost like they recorded two episodes in a single night or something), and they’ve brought with them a VERY SPECIAL THEME PLAYLIST! Hooray! Ladies and etc, get those headphones cranked and get ready for THE DOUBLE DIP! “What the effin crap goddamn hell is that supposed to mean??!?!” you ask? First off, calm down. Second off, you’re gonna want to listen to find out! No, don’t just look at the track list and make an educated guess you dummy! The Razorcake Musical Punk Rock Family Podcast ain’t about READIN’! It’s about LISTENIN’! Besides, the actual audio podcast itself features a full bonus hour (or at least that’s how long it feels) of Mitch rambling incessantly about God Knows What! You wanna hear Mitch sing some awful made up songs? You wanna tally the bonus Donna shoutouts leftover from the last episode? For crying out loud, junior, DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT WANNA MOTHEREFFING ROCK?? Then let’s do this!

    Hickey, “Sean’s Hohawk” (Probe)
    Hickey, “California Redemption” (Probe)

    Dear Landlord, “Park Bench” (No Idea)
    Dear Landlord, “Goodbye to Oakland” (No Idea)
    Sass Dragons, “Workhorse” (Johann’s Face)
    Sass Dragons, “Dopesmoker” (Johann’s Face)

    Arrivals, “-1” (Thick)
    Arrivals, “Hell Can Wait” (Thick)
    Lemuria, “Dog” (Asian Man)
    Lemuria, “Dogs” (Asian Man)

    Grabass Charlestons, “Those Line Cooks Are Mysterious” (No Idea)
    Grabass Charlestons, “What a Country!” (No Idea)
    The Ergs!, “Most Violent Rap Group” (Don Giovanni)
    The Ergs!, “Pray For Rain” (Don Giovanni)

    Less Than Jake, “Short on Ideas” (Asian Man)
    Less Than Jake, “One Last Cigarette” (Asian Man)

    put this in your ears right now!!

  10. halffiction:

    my partner in crime Matt and I are back with another razorcake self-reflection funtime podcast! recorded on V-Day so we’re extra jaded, there’s talk of masturbation, phone sex, and other nonsense in between excellent punk tunes. also Matt’s intro is brilliant (because duh) so read on!

    “You’re bound to get idears if you go thinkin’ about stuff.” 

    This podcast was recorded on Valentine’s Day, which is a holiday that’s more pointless than Easter. A good holiday is one that resurrects the past and inserts it into the present. Remembrance can be a revolutionary action. The resurrection of the history of the oppressed (or suppressed history) is the foundation of political progress. This is what should fill our calendars; not fucking plush teddy bears holding a plastic heart full of jelly beans. I’d like to elaborate on this and tie it in with music, but I have records that need listening to. Anyway, I’ll say this: when I’m angry I like to listen to music. It allows me to wag my mind finger at strawmen. It’s the aloe on the sunburn of existence. Jeez, I need to sleep. 

    So, goodbye valentine, goodbye guilt, goodbye god, and goodbye Alaska. 


    download link

    Kudzu, “Goodbye Alaska” Anthology (Stress Domain)
    Ty Segall, “The Hill” Twins (Drag City)
    Shellshag, “Kiss Me Harder” Destroy Me I’m Yours (Starcleaner)
    Steve Adamyk Band, “Wait For Your Number” Third (Dirtnap)
    Bad Sports, “Let Me In” Bras (Dirtnap)
    Wilco, “Passenger Side” A.M.
    Tenement, “Running Into Mirrors” Napalm Dream (Mandible)
    Radioactivity, “Trusted You” Self-titled (Dirtnap)
    Galaxie 500, “Strange” On Fire (Rough Trade)
    Roger Miller, “King of the Road” No Man is Hurting Me (Ace of Hearts)
    The Dirtbombs, “Your Love Belongs Under a Rock” Ultraglide in Black (In the Red)
    Discount, “Pocket Bomb” Half Fiction (Meth Mouth) 
    Japanther, “Battle of The Hopeless Crushes” I Pee in Pools comp (Recess)
    Neighborhood Brats, “Lust to Love” Total Dementia 7” (Dirtnap)
    Pink Razors, “Summer Colds” Waiting to Wash Up (Robotic Empire)
    Pounded Clown, “One Nine Hundred” Four Two Pudding Comp

    your hard-working social media mistress has another podcast to fill your earholes with!