1. Goddamn, this Marvelous Darlings LP is a much needed reminder of how fun music can be. To reiterate, keep a watchful eye on corporate interests in punk rock, keep an eye out for homophobic/racist/sexist/classist discrimination within the scene, don’t let anyone get away with acting like a rock star, squash the bullshit whenever possible, but also whenever you can; get your hands on records like this and let the melodies warm your soul. Punk is supposed to be an outlet, not a let down.

    And like Skillz says, “if hip hop died, you’re responsible for it.”


    Marvelous Darlings, “Sleeping Like a Dead Man” (Single Life LP,Deranged)
    Rations, “No Answer” (HowMuchLand Does a Man Need? 7”, 86’d, etc.)
    Big Crux, “Angelic Upstart” (Nature Cruising 12” EP, (SD)F)
    Kim Phuc, “Equinox” (Copsucker LP, Iron Lung)
    Shang-A-Lang, “Commotion” (Waiting for the End 7”, Dirt Cult, etc.)
    Brain Tumors, “Old Habits” (7” on Fashionable Idiots / Pass Judgement)
    Tacocat, “Party Trap” (Woman’s Day 7”, Minor Bird)
    Pangea, “River” (Killer Dreams 7”, Lauren / Ghostbot)
    Mikal Cronin, “You Gotta Have Someone” (Tide 7”, Goner)
    Violent Minds, “Just Kicked In” (Just Kicked In 7”, Deranged)
    Mannequin Men, “Private School” (7” on Criminal IQ)
    Criminal Damage, “The Choice Is Clear” (No Solution LP, Feral Ward)
    Skillz, “Hip Hop Died?” (Hip Hop Died? 12” EP, Koch)
    James Arthur’s Manhunt, “It’s Working (Part 2)” (It’s Working 7”, In The Red)