1. Kurt plays some of his favorite independent metal songs (plus some Slayer, because why not?)

    High On Fire, “Devilution” (Blessed Black Wings, Relapse)
    Cave In, “Juggernaut” (Until Your Heart Stops, Hydra Head)
    Converge, “Cutter” (Axe to Fall, Epitaph)
    Misery Index, “Occupation” (Traitors, Relapse)
    Famine, “Consume, Devour, Repeat” (The Raven and The Reaping, Solid State)
    In Flames, “Ordinary Story” (Colony, Nuclear Blast)
    Zao, “There is No Such Thing As Paranoia” (The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here, Ferret)
    Coalesce, “A New Language” (Functioning on Impatience, Second Nature)
    Pig Destroyer, “Gravedancer” (Terrifyer, Relapse)
    Slayer, “Cult” (Christ Illusion, American)


  2. Our first podcast of 2012! Todd wants to know: what do you listen to when no one’s around? 

    Slow Death, “Ticks of the Clock” (Kiss Of Death) 
    Tenement, “Taking Everything” (Toxic Pop) 
    Nightmare Boyzzz, “Backyard Coffins” (Arkam) 
    Too Many Daves, “When Getting Awesome Goes Wrong” (ADD) 
    Heavy Times, “FutureCity” (HoZac) 
    Amoebas, “Shake Me” (Modern Action / Gimme Gimme) 
    Mean Jeans, “(Let’s Go B4 I Blow My) Brains Out” (Big Neck)
    Young Governor, “Where It’s Quiet” (12XU) 
    Ghost Knife, “The Lightning Test” (End Sounds) 
    Pine Hill Haints, “Moon Shadow” (K) 
    The Arrivals, “Finding My Station” (All In Vinyl) 
    Total Control, “Retiree” (Iron Lung) 
    Spits, “Last Man on Earth” (In The Red) 
    Maxines, “Queer Mods” (La-Ti-Da) 
    Weird Lovemakers, “I’m Not Alright” (Self-released) 
    The Weasels, “Beat Her with a Rake” (Siamese) 
    Wreck Of The Zephyr, “Rhythm in My Bones” (Pass The Fist) 
    Waxahatchee, “Be Good” (Don Giovanni)


  3. The Street Eaters are a two-piece, wife-and-husband band from Berkeley,California. They play loud, weird, hooky DIY punk. It’s arty enough to be exploring and punk enough to get to the point; they’re a refreshing balance/counterbalance of quick charges and expansive sonic landscapes. 

    You may know Megan March from Neverending Party, Younger Lovers, and Wild Assumptions. You may know John Geek from Fleshies, Triclops! or Harbinger. Or you may not know any of those bands. Just rest comfortably knowing that two long-time DIY music makers are putting out exciting music, that they tour relentlessly, and they’re very approachable, down-to-earth folks who have very tight bond to both one another and the music that they make together.

    Megan and John were interviewed at the Razorcake HQ in Highland Park. A full interview went into Razorcake’s 10 Year Anniversary issue, #65. 
    It’s available here: http://www.razorcake.org/store/razorcake-65


  4. Christina brings us a huge chunk of awesome tunes for your weekend. Enjoy!

    The Salteens, “Lock The Door” No Slow…All Go. (Half Mast) 
    The Vindictives, “I’m In Trouble Now” Ben weasel Presents: Punk USA(Lookout!)
    URTC, “We Aren’t the World” Knows Your Sins (Recess)
    Shellshag, “Means That Much to Me” Rumours In Disguise (Don Giovanni)
    Dead Dog, “Fido” Don’t Touch Me (Let’s Pretend) 
    Undertones, “Teenage kicks” Self-titled (Drastic Plastic) 
    Pansy Division, “He Could Be The One” Valentines Day 7”(Lookout!)
    Peach Kelli Pop, “Doo Wah Diddy” Self-titled (Going Gaga) 
    Sicko, “Weight of the Sun” Viva La Vinyl (Dead Beat/Campground) 
    The Kids, “I Wish” Viva La Vinyl (Dead Beat/Campground) 
    Bollweevils, “What Do I Believe” Teenage Kicks (Liberation) 
    MTX, “New Girlfriend” Alternative Is Here To Stay! 7” (Lookout!)
    Cock Sparrer, “We’re Coming Back” Shock Troops (Razor)
    The Beltones, “Fuck You Anyway” On Deaf Ears (TKO)
    Steve Adamyk Band, “I Fought For the USA” Self-titled (Dirtnap) 
    Bananas, “Gentrification for Dummies” New Animals (Recess) 
    Bent Outta Shape, “Disappointment Rock” Stray Dog Town (Recess)
    RVIVR, “Paper Thin” Belebend 7” (Rumbletowne) 


  5. Kurt’s podcast is dedicated to The bands! At least, the ones that don’t suck. 

    The Van Pelt, “His Saxophone is My Guitar” (Stealing from Our Favorite Thieves, Gern Blandsten)
    The New Trust, “All Things Are Moving Toward Their End” (We Are Fast Moving Motherfuckers. We are Women and Men of Action., Slowdance)
    The Jam, “The Modern World” (This Is the Modern World, Polydor)
    The Motors, “Dancing the Night Away” (Self-titled, Virgin)
    The Stooges, “TV Eye” (Fun House, Elektra)
    The Nation Of Ulysses!, “Spectra Sonic Sound” (13-Point Program to Destroy America, Dischord)
    The Paper Chase, “Where have those hands been?” (Hide the Kitchen Knives, Beatville)
    The Melvins, “The Smiling Cobra” (Nude with Boots, Ipecac)
    The Locust, “Brand New Set of Teeth” (Self-titled, GSL)
    The Heartbreakers, “Chinese Rocks” (L.A.M.F., Track)
    The Weirdos, “We Got the Neutron Bomb” (We Got The Neutron Bomb 7”, Dangerhouse)
    The Austerity Program, “Song 27” (Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn, Hydra Head)


  6. Razorcake is on Bandcamp! Stream the awesome shit we carry in the distro and never have an excuse for listening to crappy music. 

  7. Bill Pinkel and Todd learn a few things in this edition of the podcast. 

    Hex Dispensers, “One Less Ghost” (Trouble In Mind 7”)
    Radon, “Chinese Rednecks” (In Your Home! 7”, Ms. Cake’s) 
    J Church, “Marie Provost” (Ivy League College 7”, Broken Rekids) 
    Pink Razors, “First Degree” (First Degree 7”, Rorschach) 
    ADD/C, “Baited Breath” (Split 7” w/ Landlord, Plan-it-X South)
    The Pillowfights, “Get Out of Here” (Split 7” w/ Smokejumper, Silver Sprocket) 
    Hidden Spots, “Everybody Get Together” (Split 7” w/ Black Rainbow, Starcleaner) 
    Foreign Objects, “A Kind of Life” (7”, Dirt Cult) 
    Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, “Between the Lions” (7”, THD)
    Husker Du, “Makes No Sense At All” (7”, SST) 
    Tenement, “Ice Pick” (Ice Pick 7”, 608 Kisses) 
    Delay, “Watermain” (Split 7” w/ Monikers, Kiss of Death) 
    Drunken Boat, “Wide Open” (Turn It 7”, Salinas)
    Little Lungs, “PetCemetery” (Hoist Me Up 7”, Salinas) 
    Red River Dave And All The Boys, “Jack O’Diamonds” (Cowboy Songs 45 I got from my great grandpa, Record Corp of America)


  8. rubenfeld:

    Dillinger Four — Gainesville

    It feels like summer in October to me.