1. Razorcake Podcast #287 with Bianca + Simon of LA Zine Fest

    “What Would Huell Howser Do?”

    Simon Sotelo and Bianca Barragan are two organizers of the LA Zine Fest, coming to the Helms Bakery Building on February 16, 2014. To think, they used to be bitter rivals.


    Hi Ho Silver, Away!, “Alvarado Sleepwalker” (Chore, Secret Pennies)
    Man’s Assassination Man, “Cavedad” (Self-released 7”)
    The Mae Shi, “The Virgins Diet the Hands of the Wolves” (Terrorbird, 5 Rue Christine)
    Kit, “Merticane” (Invocation, Upset! The Rhythm)
    You Me & Us, “Off Pudding” (Paperweights, Fun Mountain)
    Wounded Lion, “Dagoba System” (Self-titled, In The Red)
    Manhattan Murder Mystery, “I Always Think About Dyin’“ (Self-titled, Hello My Name Is)
    Blood Buddies, “True Romance” (Self-released 3-Song demo)
    Narwhal Party, “BYOPCP” (Self-released 7”)
    Crusades, “Attic” (The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In, It’s Alive / Razorcake)
    White Lung, “Those Girls” (Sorry, Deranged)
    BITCHES, “Drunk in the Cart” (BITCHES/Yuppies 12”, Palmist)
    The Coathangers, “Chicken 30” (The Coathangers/ The Numerators 7”, Suicide Squeeze)
    The Gossip, “Standing in the Way of Control” (Standing in the Way of Control, Kill Rock Stars)

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    Simon & Bianca are two of my best friends. And they have great taste in music. Listen to these ladies!
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    What a great birthday gift - three of my favorite people all on the same podcast!
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