1. pinch me, am I dreaming??? could it be, another Razorcake Musical Punk Rock Family Podcast?!

    That’s right! Your best friends Mitch Clem and Bryan Static are BACK with another barrage of big audio beats to sooth your summertime blues! Or maybe it’ll be autumn by the time this goes up, who the hell knows. What IS known is that this episode is quite indierock-heavy, for which Mitch should be ashamed, and is also heavy on old songs by bands with brand new albums, for which Bryan should be ashamed as resident Young Guy to whom the responsibility falls to keep Old Fart Mitch up on the times. So it’s shame all around today on the Razorcake Musical Punk Rock Family Podcast! Crank up the jams and let’s DO THIS!

    -Mitch Clem 

    Here is your sexy track-listing. Dive in and enjoy, fellow punk rockers!

    Snuff, “Some-How” (Worker’s Playtime / Fat Wreck)
    Swearin’, “Hundreds and Thousands” (Salinas)
    Ted Leo/Pharmacists, “Bridges, Squares” (Lookout!)
    Iron Chic, “Less Rest For the Restless” (Yo-Yo / Drunken Sailor)
    Rumspringer, “It’s Literally Tearing Me Apart” (Traffic Street)
    Big Eyes, “Why Can’t I” (Don Giovanni)
    Shang-A-Lang, “Friends Grow Up” (Dirt Cult / Silver Sprocket)
    Lemuria, “Fingers” (Asian Man)
    Jawbreaker, “Lawn” (Shredder)
    Armalite, “New Years” (No Idea)
    New Sweet Breath, “Hand Me Downs” (Big Top)
    Tuesday, “It’s a Bright Light” (Asian Man)
    Teenage Bottlerocket, “Pacemaker” (Red Scare)
    Good Luck, “Impossible” (No Idea)

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    Razorcake podcast where Mitch Clem plays a song I wrote about turning 30 and playing fantasy role playing games. Cool...
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    Pretty amusing timing, when you think about it, since just yesterday I was talking about how I should plug my podcasts...
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