1. Top 5s from Issue #74 - The Only Cure is More!
    (glitch art by yours truly (aka candice, aka infinity-machine))

    highlights from this round:

    Chris Mason
    Top Five Venues Played on the Low Culture European Tour
    1. Zoro in Leipzig, Germany (Amazing five story legalized squat with a record store, huge bar with ping pong tables, show space, and restaurant.)
    2. Vera in Gronigen, Holland (Beautiful long-running student center with two show rooms, a huge lounge area for bands, and dorm rooms. The Mad Max-themed dance party after we played was unreal.)
    3. The Pits in Kortrijk, Belgium (Small but fucking fantastic bar. Toilets are in the middle of the room where you sell merch. Hope you’re not shy.)
    4. Storte in Hamburg, Germany (Another legalized squat. Big show space on the main floor. Bar, lounging rooms, and dining area in the basement.)
    5. G18 in Bremen, Germany (I was jetlagged as this was our first stop right off the plane, but it was hard not to be amazed by this, my first exposure to a European living project.)

    Dave Williams
    1. Get High, Demos LP
    2. Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Opium Morals LP
    3. Ilsa, The Maggots Are Hungry 12”
    4. AncientShores / Cynarae, Split LP
    5. Alkaline Trio, My Shame Is True LP

    Jimmy Alvarado’s
    Random Five
    • Rough Kids, The State I’m In LP
    • Kids Of Zoo, Self-titled LP
    • Gang Of Four, Solid Gold CD
    • Perspex Flesh, Ona 7” EP
    • Augustus Pablo, King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown CD


    Sean Arenas
    • Bedhed / Merry Christmas, Split cassette
    • Pocketknife, Tour Tape
    • Mind Spiders / Lenguas Largas, Sister Sisters 7”s
    • Spokenest, We M●ve 12” EP 
    • Fugazi, Red Medicine

    wanna see the full list of everyone’s faves? click through, duh!

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