1. Mitch Clem AND Liz Prince in one punk-rock podcast?!? We must be dreaming.


    The Only Ones, “Another Girl, Another Planet”
    Sludgeworth, “The Only One” (Lookout)
    Big Eyes, “You Ain’t the Only One” (Evil Weevil)
    Lipstick Homicide, “You’re the One for Me” (Public School)
    Bananas, “You’re Not the One for Me” (Plan-it-X)
    Ramones, “She’s the One” 
    Green Day, “The One I Want” (Lookout)
    Teenage Bottlerocket, “She’s Not the One” (Red Scare)
    Vitamin Party, “She’s Not the One” (Get It Out!)
    Descendents, “I’m the One” (SST)
    John Cougar Concentration Camp, “I Ain’t the One” (BYO)
    The Clorox Girls, “The One” (Smart Guy)
    Jetty Boys, “Not the One” (Rally)
    The Mr. T Experience, “You’re the Only One for Me” (Lookout)

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    I made Todd put this on at Razorcake HQ this friday while working and we were giggling like assholes the whole time. I...
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    Re-reblogging this one because my previous mention of it fell on a Friday afternoon, when The Kids are more or less...
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    Razorcake posted the podcast that Mitch and I recorded back in March: listen to it for your daily allowance of...
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    I’ve got a hunch that whoever ordered this tracklisting really likes the word “one.”
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