1. Punk Parenthood for the Sleep Deprived
    Because the Night Belongs to Mothers

    By Jennifer Whiteford


  2. Hanging with Haruki



    This was a nice surprise. Book Soup’s best sellers for last week. 

    nice list!

  3. Webcomic Wednesdays #84 with Ben Snakepit

    where Ben teaches us the ways of the Michelada!

  4. mitchclem:

    So, once upon a time I was selling a poster on eBay that I’d done for some bands that were favorites of mine in high school. And then both of the guys from both of those bands said some really ugly, irredeemable shit online while the auction was up. And so I took the auction down. At that point, the idea that someone would have my art for those bands proudly displayed on their wall made me unhappy to think about. And then, after I took the auction down, a few people wrote to me asking why, as they’d been following the auction or had bid on it, etc etc. And so I made a very brief statement clarifying why I took it down. I didn’t “@-reply” or tag anyone involved, I didn’t call for a boycott, I didn’t throw down any gauntlets. Just let my followers know what happened in as calm and magnanimous a way as I could think of.

    And then one of my high school heroes called me a “creep” and an “insufferable twat” and referred to my poster as “asinine”. The asinine thing really seems like more of a vocabulary show-off than anything, as the word doesn’t really apply in any way to, you know, creating art to promote that dude’s band? But I’ll give him a pass since it’s basically the least stupid thing he’s said online in the past two days.

    Anyhow. Just kinda felt like sharing that. I don’t really have a point here and I’m kinda too weirded out to really be, like, sad or angry or anything. So please don’t assume that. It’s just… you don’t not share something like this, right?

    Fun side-story: One of those retweets and two of those favorites on Ben’s post came from that guy from last October who sent me straight-up one of the creepiest and stalkery-est series of emails I’ve gotten ever and his girlfriend. Haven’t heard from either of them in nearly a year until now. Huh.

  5. Razorcake is psyched to be hosting a new podcast series: Top Shelf Interviews! in this first edition, Replay Dave and Matt Sweeting interview Fay Wray.

    a li’l blurb from Replay Dave:

    The first Top Shelf interview has a few hiccups, but it’s honest, raw, and we care, much like Fay Wray’s album itself. This record has always been a stand-out for me. When I remember watching them play during that time in Gainesville, it always brings a smile to my face. Hell, that time was great all around. But that was a long time ago. 

    Fay Wray reunited to perform at Fest 7. I had the honor to play bass. Rob Coe sat me down and showed me the songs. So for the inaugural Top Shelf interview, I sat Rob down with Matt and me to discuss the landmark album I Love Everyone. Matt and I were still getting familiar with the Grow Radio studio, so bear with us…and Love Everyone. 

    download link


  6. feministlibraryonwheels:

    Only six hours and some change left~ last chance to donate to our campaign!

    Thank you to every person who has already— I can’t wait to thank you with some snail mail!!!

    last chance to help fund something awesome!

    (Source: feministlibraryonwheels)

  7. Featured DVD Reviews from Issue #81 
    Grant Hart talking about Grant Hart 

    By Rev. Norb

    I, for one, have a really hard time coming to grips that this bespectacled, bird-like creature on-screen is the same Grant Hart I used to know in the ‘80s—the guy who looked like that chunky stoner from high school you one day find out has got a great record collection and has read way more books than you have. My brain is completely failing to process how this Orville Redenbacher motherfucker could really be Grant Hart. I mean, I dunno, these days the guy looks like a cross between Ichabod Crane, William S. Burroughs ((whose friendship with Grant is discussed briefly here)), and Jamison, the nerd character from WWF wrestling about twenty years ago. His voice is this high, pinched creak; it doesn’t even sound like it’s coming from the same throat that sang “Never Talking to You Again” and “The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill.” It’s just weird. Speaking of weird, this movie jumps around chronologically like it’s powered by a defective Tardis, with little obvious rhyme or reason.

  8. our own Matt Hart put this little video together: How Razorcake is Sort of Made!

    featuring yours truly, Todd, Josh, Marcos, and plenty of Daryl glamour shots (you’ll know the ones! love that hair flip)

    watch us pick it up, pack it up, and ship these beautiful dang zines! and enjoy the last shot: ‘cuz its super-duper illegal! 

    love, us

    ps. background music thanx to the chantey hook, which you can grab here


  9. Sean’s column from issue 20 is now up on his website!

  10. Razorcake Podcast #329 with Daryl!

    This benefit show (see flyer above) is tonight. It isn’t officially sponsored by Razorcake, but Razorcake officially supports the idea of helping people.

    Organized by Razorcake contributor John Mule, with music being performed by multiple fellow contributors, all for a good cause.

    This show isn’t going to end that cringing feeling I get every time I read the news, and we are all still totally fucked, but we’re not completely helpless just yet. Change can still be made, your voice can still be heard.

    take care,

    download link!


    Darto, “Duvall Days” (Hex, Mother Image)
    Hurula, “Sveriges Ungdom” (Vi Är Människorna Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För, No Good)
    Vexx, “Strength” (Self-titled, Grazer)
    Dead Moon, “It’s Ok” (Crack in the System,Tombstone / Mississippi)
    Leatherface, “Grip” (Horsebox, BYO)
    Future Virgins, “Centre” (Self-released 7”) B 45
    Street Eaters, “Null” (Blood::Muscles::Bones,Nervous Intent)
    Reigning Sound, “North Cackalacky Girl” (Shattered, Merge)
    The Estranged, “Mark of Sin” (Self-titled, Dirtnap)
    Feral Future, “No Means Nothing” (Haematic,Western Medical)
    Bad Daddies, “You Ain’t Right” (Negative Fun 7”)
    Supercrush, “Lifted” (Grave Mistake 7”)
    Toys That Kill, “Nervous” (Influence: A Tribute to The Big Boys, Stiff Hombre)
    Video, “Captivity” (Total Punk 7”)