2. Featured Record Reviews From Issue #82
    The worst it gets is Christian-radio-calibre butt rock

  3. #337 with Kurt Morris
    …or w2fc

    I’m starting a new trilogy of podcasts, Razorcake listeners, so watch out! This one is based on the calendar. So to start with I have songs with days of the weeks in the title. I’ll follow it up with months in the title and then one with the word “year” or “years” in the song titles. You’ve been warned. It’s gonna be epic. Well, maybe not epic, but it’ll be fun. For me.


    PS. Contrary to what I said in the podcast, you can’t listen to the interview with Avail for which I wrote the introduction, but you can READ it here.

    download link!


    Trans Megetti, “On the Monday” (Fading Left to Completely On)
    Avail, “Tuesday” (4 AM Friday)
    The Weakerthans, “Wellington’s Wednesday” (Fallow)
    The Undertones, “Wednesday Week” (The Best of The Undertones)
    Knapsack, “Thursday Side of the Street” (Day Three of My New Life)
    The Killingtons, “Thursday” (Redwood Records: A Collection)
    Carpenter, “Just Another Friday Night” (Sea to Sky)
    Mutoid Man, “Friday the 13/8” (Helium Head)
    Ultravox, “Saturday Night in the City of the Dead” (No Thanks! The ‘70s Punk Rebellion)
    The Cure, “10:15 Saturday Night” (Staring at the Sea)
    Morrissey, “Everyday Is Like Sunday” (Bona Drag)

  4. Punk Parenthood for the Sleep Deprived 5
    Before I Go Insane

    By Jennifer Whiteford

    “The only drawback,” Lesley told me, squinting in the sun as we stood in the middle of the street party, “is that now we have way too much Tupperware.” 

    Lesley’s partner KT wheeled their twin infants past us in a two-seater stroller, trying to convince them to fall asleep. I had my own toddler son strapped into a bike seat between myself and my handlebars. He was distracted enough by the happy mayhem of the neighborhood party to allow me to have a few minutes of conversation with Lesley while we waited for other friends to find us. 

  5. tomorrow night, Only Crime with Choke Up and Silver Screams! 

  6. Webcomic Wednesday #91 with stevethueson

    we’re all gonna die alone!

  7. GIUSEPPE MAKES A MOVIE opens this Friday at the NuArt, with a Q ‘n A on Fri and Sat at the 7:45 shows.

    tons more info at the Landmark NuArt page.

    our friend and contributor Speedway Randy produced this film, and he’s pretty flippin’ proud of it! come and check it out if you’re down.

  8. razorcake:

    Razorcake proudly presents…

    Punk veterans Alice Bag and Jimmy Alvarado discuss their personal journeys through the early waves of punk in Los Angeles. Moderated by Razorcake founder Todd Taylor.

    Alice Bag: musician (The Bags, Castration Squad, Stay At Home Bomb), author Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage, a Chicana Punk Story.

    Jimmy Alvarado: musician (Butt Acne, Black Jax, Ollin, Our Band Sucks), videographer, writer, and collector of punk oral histories.

    Alice Bag (www.alicebag.com) (alice-bag on tumblr)
    Razorcake (www.razorcake.org)

    Facebook invite Vroman’s Hastings Ranch
    Sunday, Oct. 19, 2 PM
    3729 E Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107
    (This is not the Vroman’s on Colorado Blvd. It’s in East Pasadena. Close to the Gold Line Sierra Madre Villa Station.

    Poster by Codey Richards.


    happening this Sunday! 

  9. Featured Book Reviews From Issue #82

    A modern day, dildo-and-nipple-clip Alice in Wonderland

  10. day-drink with us this saturday! we have djs spinning vinyl, drinks served by the one and only mattdwyer, and sweet new merch to show off!

    photobooth shenanigans et. al begin at 4pm.