1. crimeboner said: You are a bastion of justice. You speak the bastard truth.

    just doin’ our part! 

  2. Webcomics Wednesday #66- where waking up early blows

    by ampijpers


  3. with some dudes named Mike Wiebe and Ben Snakepit? I dunno, pretty good stuff!

  4. fuckyoulizprince:

    I’m holding a real copy of Tomboy in my hands for the first time ever.  For about 5 minutes after I opened the box they came in, I couldn’t even see the damn thing through all the joy-tears.  You guys, I seriously can’t wait for September 2nd so you can all hold it in your hands, too.  

    we can’t wait!!

  5. My First Punk Show
    Growing up Mixed

    By Camylle Reynolds

  6. Razorcake Podcast #324 with Joe and Jeff - Bar 107 Happy Hour Edition!

    Joe: The mission of our monthly event, Razorcake <3’s Drinking Beer and Listening to Records is simple and in the title itself: Listen to vinyl records and have day-drinking good times with people who’d appreciate the vinyl records being played. 

    Jeff:Dive bar day-drinking is one of our favorite kinds of drinking. I like to think Joe and I are pretty good at it. We’re also pretty excited about the punk rock world we’re currently inhabiting, which is often much more varied, creative, and diverse than it’s often given credit for. And we’re excited to share that world with you. 

    download link!


    Shirley Bassey, “Goldfinger” Goldfinger
    L7, “Fast and Frightening” Smell the Magic (Sub Pop)
    Shellac, “Prayer to God” 1000 Hurts(Touch & Go)
    Fluf, “Sticky Bun” Whitey on the Moon(Headhunter)
    Dictators, “I Stand Tall” Everyday Is Saturday (Norton)
    Rocket From The Crypt, “Drop Out” Scream, Dracula, Scream!(Headhunter)
    Spits, “Witch Hunt” The Spits (Dirtnap)
    Black Velvet Flag, “I Don’t Care About You” Come Recline (Go Kart)
    Dwarves, “That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll” That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll 7” (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
    Neighborhood Brats, “Shark Beach” No Sun No Tan (Deranged)
    The Cramps, “It Thing Hard-On” Big Beat from Badville (Epitaph)
    The Southern Belles, “Dum Dum Ditty” Girls in the Garage Vol. 4(Romulan)
    J Church, “Alone When She Dies” Drama of Alienation (Honest Don’s)
    Crucifucks, “The Savior” Wisconsin (Alternative Tentacles)

  7. mitchclem:

    I drew a flyer. Street Eaters are amazing.

    YES YES YES. go listen to their new album this very second. 

  8. check out Andy’s interview with Oi Polloi


  9. hey austinites, our pal Ben Snakepit has a beautiful 2-bedroom apartment to sublet! you should check it out!!

  10. Webcomic Wednesdays #78
    Where we all have weirdo neighbors

    by donnaramone