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    Illustration by Brad Dwyer.

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    Best band.

    Best song.



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  3. some light weekend reading: Mark Beef of Lenguas Largas is interviewed at AXS. 

  4. day-drinking. photo booth. party ambassador joe dana. awesome slipmats you can win. brand new issue that ISN’T EVEN ON OUR WEBSITE YET!

    these are all reasons you should come to Bar 107 tomorrow to get drunkfun with us. see you there?

    flyer by yours truly aka halffiction

  5. Podcast #333 with Juan Espinosa!

    Let’s not kid ourselves. There is already an unbelievably large surplus of garbage records floating around in the used records section of any respectable record store, thrift shop, garage sale, what-have-you. I can’t help but imagine that a good number of them are part of these “prized” collections. 

    I’m not going to tell you or anyone how to collect. I am guilty of being as picky, superficial, and skeptical as any other shameless, pretentious record collecting asshole.

    My only suggestion is that if you fancy yourself a record collector, please consider what these globs of oil mean to you. Are they there for show or for listening pleasure? Do they represent your love of good music or a talking point? 

    If anything, I hope we can all agree that record collecting can be as fun as it can be an unhealthy obsession. Let me tell you, though, fun is a lot more fun.
    –Juan Espinosa

    download link!

    Yacht Club, “Tropicana” Tropicana 7” (Burger)
    Hank Wood And The Hammerheads, “The Ghost” Stay Home! LP (Toxic State)
    Condominium, “Thug” Thug 7” (Self-released)
    Una Bestia Incontrolable, “La Primera Foguera” Observant Com el Món es Destrueix 12” EP (La Vida En Un Mus)
    Earth Girls, “Unavailable” Wrong Side of History 7” EP (Grave Mistake)
    Steve Adamyk Band, “MRI” Dial Tone LP (Dirtnap)
    Arctic Flowers, “Anamnesis” Weaver LP (Deranged)
    Catholic Spit, “I’m Your god Now” A Pact with the Devil 12” EP (Crapoulet / Symphony Of Destruction)
    Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, “Spike Your Hair with Beer” Beer Storm Trooper7” (Headcount)
    Cülo, “Adult Life Is No Fun” My Life Sucks and I Could Care Less LP (Deranged)
    Civilized, “Wallflower” Dust and Blood7” EP (Youth Attack)
    Kontaminat, “Why I Grew Up Loving Israel” Self-titled 7” EP (Lengua Armada)
    Flesh World, “A Wet Line in the Grass” “A Wet Line in the Grass” b/w “Not a Soul” 7” (Iron Lung)

  6. Marilyn Thunderhorse Interview
    Sacramento Punk House Axewave

    By Lory Gil

  7. Webcomic Wednesdays #87
    Where we still debate everything

    By Ollie Mikse


  8. profhoratiohufnagel:

    I was fortunate enough to interview Oi Polloi for Razorcake during their first west coast tour back in April. 

    The show was amazing and I had a blast talking to Deek, Xanadu, and Zodiac. Since it was after their show, I was shooting for maybe a 20-minute interview or something—we ended up talking for about an hour,

    We talked about punk and Oi (duh), touched on spirituality, and had an extensive chat about voting and Scottish Independence.

    Since the vote is on Thursday, here’s the interview.


    timely shit! enjoy.


  9. jimvermin:


    When I announced my West Coast tour last month, I know a lot of you were scratching your head. Alaska? Really? Some guessed my trip had something to do with Giving the Finger, and while I’ve been looking for a reason to come back to Alaska since my visit to Dutch Harbor in December of…

    cool shit going on with jim! nice photo, btw.

  10. our pal Renee went to the No Human is Illegal show at bridgetowndiy!

    click thru for videos from Spokenest, Wulfen Rag, and Winter Vacation.